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Stage Management

Stage fright can hit you without warning.

You’re on stage, the audience is out there, they’re waiting, expecting you to perform but suddenly you clam up, your mind goes blank, you feel your tongue is stuck in your throat as stage fright strikes!

Stage fright blocks your natural talents

Not only is stage fright horrible to experience, it is also cruelly frustrating. What you know you can do is tripped up by an overblown fear response. And because the effects of anxiety include difficulty in thinking, problems talking and inhibition of fine motor movements, many elements of performance suffer, such as singing, holding a microphone, playing a musical instrument or even drinking a glass of water.

Stage fright is like fear doing an overblown allergic reaction. In reality all that fear is not required because the situation is not physically threatening. However, that knowledge is intellectual whereas it is your instincts that need to get the message. Like an over-zealous guard dog barking when it doesn’t need to, your instincts need to be retrained to respond with a flow experience of peak performance.

Hypnosis is the best way to comfortably re-train the instinctive part of your mind. Overcome Stage Fright will enable you to relax to just the right degree so that you can gain true satisfaction from performing.

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