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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Scripts


Over 1,100 Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Scripts


The scripts library is the largest collection of Ericksonian hypnotherapy scripts in the world.

Subtle, metaphor packed indirect hypnotherapy scripts, with pre-hypnosis chat, written by professional hypnotherapy trainers. Every script comes with pre-session chat and is formatted with rhythm and emphasis. These hypnosis scripts are written with the hypnotherapist in mind. Subtle language techniques, careful rhythm and pacing, deep metaphors and artful analogies all go to make a hypnosis script that will give you, the hypnotherapist, new and elegant ideas for how to help your clients. The Script Collection is a resource for professional and trainee hypnotherapists. Scripts are useful as a source of ideas and approaches which can be adapted to suit the needs of individual clients. Each script contains pre-hypnotherapy chat, often laden with reframes and therapeutic suggestions followed by the hypnotherapy script itself. The Script Collection is a resource for professional and trainee hypnotherapists. The scripts have been professionally edited and annotated with suggestions for emphasis, timing and rhythm. All the scripts are prepared in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format and are easily printed out. Ample space is provided where you may write your own notes, comments and adaptations. However, it is not recommended that scripts be read verbatim.


A number of special conventions have been adopted to make the scripts easy to use and study.

  • The first part of each script, in which the therapist is preparing the ground for the trance work to follow, is formatted as standard prose, and is intended to be delivered with normal tone and pace.
  • The trance script that follows is formatted so that line breaks mark suggested phrasing and pacing.
  • Silences play an important part in trance work, and pause markers indicate different lengths of pause as appropriate. 
  • Each coloured block indicates approximately 10 seconds. Examples:
    •       = Pause approx 10 seconds
    •                   = Pause approx 30 seconds
  • Words and phrases requiring special emphasis are marked in bold text with a highlighted background. Example: 
    • Your unconscious mind takes care of things in that time.


Now, you’re probably wondering just how much these scripts cost?

There actually much more affordable than you think. They could cost $100 each and still be good value; saving you time and being able to spend that time doing other things, such as being with family and friends. But these scripts are not $100, not even close. The professionally written, hypnotherapy scripts are unbelievable good value at just $14.95 each!


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For a small monthly fee you receive a free scripts or audio download every two weeks — at a 31% saving to non-members. If not used, the script or downloaded will be credited to your account until needed. Should you require more scripts? Members can buy credits at a discount of 40%. And there a host of other member only benefits and resources. Click here for hypnosis membership information.


But first of all, why not try the first one free?

You can download and test out the 8 page free hypnosis script, “Get over a Relationship” without needing to sign up or register, no need to give your email out or any information. It’s highly recommended you sign up for the newsletter, but the free script download is absolutely obligation free . Just click on the link and download. Click here for the free professional hypnosis script.



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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Scripts: Listed By Main Categories

Professional Hypnosis Scripts Categories

  • Addiction Help
  • Alternative Cancer Treatment
  • Anti-ageing
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Depression
  • Difficult People
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Enjoy Life
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Grief & Loss
  • Health Issues
  • Healthy Eating
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Job Skills
  • Learning Help
  • Pain Relief
  • Parenting Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Finance
  • Personal Fitness
  • Personal Productivity
  • Personal Skills
  • Pregnancy Childbirth
  • Quit Smoking
  • Relationship Problems
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Sexual Problems
  • Sleep Problems
  • Social Anxiety
  • Sports Performance
  • Studying Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Thinking Skills
  • Weight Loss


All Professional Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Scripts

All Professional Hypnosis Scripts are Listed under their Categories

Addiction Help
Hypnosis Scripts
No More Adrenaline!
Stop Drinking Symptoms
Drink Less Coffee
Beat Cannabis Dependence
Stop Using Smokeless Tobacco
Overcome Chocolate Addiction
Stop Taking Cocaine
Overcome Hoarding Syndrome
Diminish Alcohol Abuse
Regain Natural Energy
Exercise Addiction
Beat Gambling
Gaming Addiction
Heroin Addiction Treatment
Internet Addiction
Compulsive Masturbating
Moderate Drinking
Watching Too Much News
Nicotine Patch Addiction
Stop Obsessive Checking
Stop Obsessive Cleaning
Stop Being so Obsessive
Reduce Need for Music Distraction
Religious Shame
Come Off Painkillers
Party Without Alcohol
Addiction to Porn?
Body-Focused Obsession
Slot Gambling Addiction
Too Much Facebook?
Prevent Alcohol Relapse
Obsessive Thinking
Tanning Addiction
Alternative Cancer Treatments
Hypnosis Scripts
Positive help for Cancer
Cancer Comfort
Cancer Test Results Anxiety
Chemotherapy Nausea Reduction
Worried the Cancer Will Come Back?
Fear of Needles and Cannulas
Anti Aging Hypnosis Scripts
Accepting Your Age
Cope with Hair Loss
Fear of Aging
Falling Phobia Seniors
Growing Old on Your Own
Live Longer
Age with Zest
Facelift – No Surgery
Improve Stroke Movement Recovery
Feel Younger
Anxiety Treatment
Hypnosis Scripts
Worrying Ahead of Time
Eat Out Comfortably
Having To Be Near a Bathroom
Courtroom Anxiety
how to treat anxious clients
Performance Anxiety Musicians
He Didn’t Reply!
Don’t be Scared
Overcome Globus Hystericus
Can’t Perform?
Stage Nerves
Awaiting Results Worry
Anxious Urinating
Wedding Anxiety
Bad Habits
Hypnosis Scripts
Bad Habits
Overuse of Digital Media
Control Wine Drinking
Excessive Blinking
Eyelash Pulling
Compulsive Hair Pulling
Healthy Lips
Addicted to Chewing Ice
Do You Bite Your Cheeks?
Think About What You Buy
Stop Clenching Your Jaw
Stop Nail Biting
Nervous Smiling
Stop Picking Your Nose
How to Stop Scratching
Healthy Skin
No More Sucking
Children’s Hypnosis Scripts
Hypnosis Scripts
Confidence for Children
Kids Creepy Crawlies
Split Up Parents?
Help the Easily Upset Child
Children – Handling Insults
Children’s Bedtime Story
Be More Focused Kids
Kids Get Confident in Class
No More Kids Meals!
Anxious Kids
Lost Grandparent?
Help Kids Through Grief
Help for Children Who Feel Left Out
Darkness is Fine Kids
Child Nightmare
Child – Loss of Pet
Kids Make Friends
New Student
Child Excluded from Party
Childrens’ Confidence with Books
School Separation Anxiety
Kids Self Respect
Discuss Your Worries Kids
Overcome Shyness for Kids
Kids Class Confidence
Dry Beds for Kids
Leave That Thumb Alone
Dealing with Tantrums
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis Scripts
Body Dysmorphia Complex
Wanting a Child
Escape the Cult
Gag Reflex
Manage Hyperactivity
Hyper-Sensitivity to Noise
Overcoming Hyper-vigilance
Irritated at Eating Sounds
Wake to a Dry Bed
Stop Harming Yourself
Stuttering Therapy
Troubled Childhood
Were You Unloved?
Communication Skills
Hypnosis Scripts
Assertiveness Training
Be Funnier
Talk with Tact
Breaking Bad News
Can’t Stop Lying?
Conversation Starter
Does that Email Read Wrong?
Say What you Think
Handling the Critic
Active Listening
Be Chatty
Meeting People Made Easy
Filling Nervous Silences
Make Your Voice Powerful
Improve Reading Out Loud
Saying No
Speak Out!
Assert Yourself
Stop Apologizing
Stop Arguing
Stop Complaining
Stop Cursing
Do You Forget Words?
Stop Giving Advice
Stop Gossiping
Let the Conversation Flow
Speak with Care
Dealing with Difficult People
Hypnosis Scripts
Life Force Vampire
Spot Aggression Warning Signs
Difficult People – Passive Aggressive
Angry Bullies
Relationship Control Freaks
The Gossip
Defend against Guilt
Know It Alls
Emotional Vampires
Dealing with the Moody Type
Drawing out Shy People
Repel Verbal Attacks
Depression Self
Help Hypnosis Scripts
Coming Off Depression Drugs
Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder
Prevent University Blues
Depressed Husband
Depressed Wife
Living with Bipolar
Combat Summer Depression
Emotional Intelligence
Hypnosis Scripts
The Way Things Are
Anger Management
Stop Being So Unkind
Be Less Superior
Birthday Depression
Control Empathy
Emotional Stability
Stop Crying in Arguments
Dealing with Guilt
Bounce Back from Rejection
Step Outside Fear
Release Shame
Express Your Feelings
Express Love
Increase Happiness
Feel Like a Failure
Forgive Yourself
Understand Your Feelings
Happy With What You Have
Impulse Control
Improve Your Mood
Increase Emotional Intelligence
Get Over Old Issues
Let Frustration Go
Don’t be Embarrassed
Overcome Jealousy
Parental Expectations
Be Respectful
Reduce Road Rage
Stop Expecting the Worst
Stop Being So Cynical
Be Less Irritable
Stop Being Stubborn
Be Less Serious
Enjoy Life
Hypnosis Scripts
Socially Spontaneous
Life and Soul
See Life Afresh
Discover Your Passion
Add More Fun
Journey of Life
Live In The Moment
Lost Your Joie de Vivre?
Your Life’s Meaning
No Regrets
Saying Yes
Travel the World
Seize The Day
Look After Your Time
Stuck in a Rut
Supercharged Hearing
Enlivened Vision
Smell All the Roses
Taste More
Experiment A Little!
Rewrite Your Life Story
Fears and Phobias
Hypnosis Scripts
Cure Bird Phobia
Cure Fear of Needles
Cure Snake Phobia
Cure Spider Phobia
Fear of Dentists
Driving Test
Exam Nerves
Relax with Flying Stingers
Overcome Fear of Tardiness
I Hate Boats
Driving over Bridges
Fear of Cats
Relax with a Changing Life
Clown Fear
Anxious in Crowds?
Death Phobia
MD Anxiety
Relax with Dogs
Fear of Driving
Fear of Elevators
Scared of Emotion?
Beat Escalator Fear
Fear of Failure
Worried You Might Faint
Overcome Fear of Falling
Fear of Flying
Fear of General Anesthesia
Fear of Germs
Fear of Going Crazy
Don’t Want to be Adult
Fear of Heights
Overcome Fear of Hospitals
Laughter Anxiety
Loud Noise Anxiety
Don’t Worry About Mistakes
Mice Phobia
Missing Out?
Scared of Numbers?
Fear of Others Vomit
Fear of Having Photographs Taken
Don’t Like Planning?
No Money Fear?
Overcome Public Bathroom Hygiene Concerns
Fear of Public Transport
Scared of Sharks?
Overcome Fear of Sickness
Fear of Success
Terrorist Phobia
Afraid of the Dark
Fear of the Phone
Fear of Being Touched
Enjoy Travelling
Fear of Violence
Water Phobia
Scared of Fairer Sex
Fear of Work
Heart Panic
Scared Passenger?
Panicking at Night
Fear of Showering
Overcoming Claustrophobia
Home Broken Into?
Stop Panic Attacks
Overcome Fear of Technology
Unfamiliar Surroundings
Stop Worrying the World Will End
Fun Hypnosis
Hypnosis Scripts
Fly to Cloud Nine
Good Memories
Learn Human History
Treasure Hunt Hypnosis
Relax on a Hypnotic Vacation
Relax and Laugh
Ride in a Space Ship
Magic Carpet
Ocean Ride
Relax on Eagle’s Wings
Hypnotic Space Walk
Grief and Loss
Hypnosis Scripts
Grieving Help
Child Loss Grief
Death of a Parent
Overcome Pet Death Grief
Leaving Home
Cope with Fear of Loss
Relax at Funerals
Time Heals All
Lost Contact
Get over Lost Love
Putting Parent in Nursing Home
Loved One Suicide
Growth Zone
Hypnosis Scripts
Health Issues
Hypnosis Scripts
Reduce Acid Reflux Symptoms
Treat Anismus
Breathe Easier
Increase Infection Resistance
Terminal Ill Care
Chronic Fatigue
Hives Treatment
Teeth Clean Habit
How to Put in Contacts
Chronically Ill
Gut Centered Hypnosis
Managing Diabetes
Skin Condition
Ease Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
Cure Reynauds Disease
Endometriosis Natural Treatment
Stop Essential Tremor
Natural Healing
Reduce Cold Symptoms
Get Rid of Migraines
Need to Go Gluten Free?
Hangover Cure
Cure Hayfever
Healing Power
Choose Health!
Lower Blood Pressure
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Great Posture
Bates Method Hypnosis
Jet Lag
Breast Exam Nerves
MRI Scan Nerves
Muscle Spasm Treatment
Natural Herpes Treatment
Fix Indigestion Naturally
Hyperactive Bladder
Overcoming Hypochondria
Fecal Retention
Help for Pelvic Pain
Placebo Hypnosis
Improve Circulation
Change of Life
Fear of Surgery
Psoriasis Soother
Relieving Constipation
Remember Your Pills
Restless Legs Relief
Easier Self Injections
Sensitive to Odors
Stop Cracking Your Knuckles
Excessive Sweating
Facial Tics
Stop Squeezing Spots
Stop Grinding your Teeth
Hypnosis for A-Fib
Care For Yourself
Tension Headaches
Treat Tinnitus
Travel Sickness
Vulvodynia Relief
Get Rid of Warts
Healthy Eating Hypnosis Scripts
Overcome Anorexia
8 Glasses a Day
Enjoy Eating Fruit and Veg
Gain Weight
Eat No Gluten!
Eat More Normally
Don’t Be So Picky
Reduce Salt
Stop Drinking Soda
Hypnosis Scripts Packs
Hypnosis Scripts
Effective Communication Socially
Age Less Hypnosis
Stand Up for Yourself
Attract More Women Pack
Stop Being So Negative Pack
Be More Centered
Be More Charismatic Scripts
think for yourself
Stop Being Scared Pack
Better Thinking Bundle
Be More Courageous Pack
Boost Your Career Scripts
Relax, Don’t Stress!
Quick Dating Skills Pack
Emotionally in Control
Dealing with Tricky Folk
Moderating Alcohol Drinking
Moderate Your Wine Drinking
feel optimistic about future relationships
Be Confident with Men
No More Low Self Esteem
Lift Your Winter Mood
More Sociability
Overcome Emotional Hurt
Making Marriage Work
Hypno-Fun Pack
Produce More!
Get a Better Sleep
Increase Self Esteem
Men – Boost Sexual Ability
Manage Your Anger Pack
Spend Less
Mindfulness Meditation
Your New Addition
New You
Panic Prevention
Socializing Series
No Concentration
Positivity Pack
Talking to Groups Anxiety
Be Confident
Relationship Help Hypnosis
Prepare Your Mind
be yourself
cure insomnia
stop having a red face
Feel On Par with Others
Sex Obsession
Better Studying Pack
Be More Successful
Work Out More
Laser-Like Concentration Hypnosis
Weight Management Hypnosis
Hypnotherapist Courses
Hypnosis Scripts
Arm Catalepsy
Writing without Thinking
Increase Hypnosis Skills
Confident Hypnotherapist
Dealing with Resistance
Dental Anaesthesia
Hand Numbness
Your Hand Lifts!
Learn About Hypnosis Induction
Psychotherapist Exhaustion
Alter Time
Interpersonal Skills
Hypnosis Scripts
How to Accept Compliments
Stop Judging By Appearances
Approaching Women
Be Comfortable without Attention
Bad First Impression
Be a Better Friend
More Approachable
Communicate More Gently
Men Find You Desirable
Confidence With Women
Increase Charisma
Woo your Partner
Be Popular
Quick Rapport
Coming on Too Strong
Tricky Relatives
Don’t be Intimidated
No Grudges
Don’t Take it Personally
Being Taken for Granted?
Importance of Eye Contact
Calm with Authority
Socially Integrated
Observe Your Own Behavior
Saying Sorry
I’m OK, You’re OK
Make More Contacts
Anxiety to Introduce Yourself
Stay in Contact
Be Less Confrontational
Negative People
Walk in Others Shoes
Fear of Confrontation
Your Needs First
Setting Boundaries
Look Happier
Speed Dating – Men
Speed Dating – Women
Stay Calm with THAT Person
Stop Bullying Others
Self Centered?
Stop Passive Aggressive Behavior
Job Skills
Hypnosis Scripts
How to Ask for a Raise
Remember the Details
Bullying Manager
Manage More Effectively
Improve Your Words
Use Your Initiative
Be More Professional
Relaxed Filming
Don’t Be Late
Interview Anxiety
Lead from the Front
Build Your Business Skills
New Job Confidence
Which Career?
Meeting Nerves?
Bad Boss?
Passing Work On
Stop Crying at Work
Emotional Job Trauma
Work Those Papers!
Enjoy Your Work
Complete Your Goals
No-prep Public Speaking
Quicker on the Keyboard
Losing Your Job
Job Searching Optimism
Making Decisions
Meeting Deadlines
Monday Blues
Time Management
Job Performance Review
Speak with Power
Long Term Presentation Anxiety
Public Speaking Confidence
The Question from Hell
Return to Work
Sell More
Note-free Public Speaking
Starting New Job
Team Player
Call with Confidence
Addicted to Work?
Being Bullied?
Learning Help
Hypnosis Scripts
Improve Learning
Focus in Class
Clear Mind
Overcome Debating Nerves
Relax About Dyslexia
Spell Well
Speaking Foreign Languages
Learn an Instrument
Learn Dance Steps
Learn More Quickly
Model a Pro and Learn Faster
Easily Memorize Music
Learn Method Acting
Recognize Notes
Recall Names
Retain Read Information
Back to School
Read and Retain
Exam Preparation

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