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Hypnotherapist – Hypnotist


Hypnosis Education Courses and Training


There are many schools that offer courses that will teach hypnosis techniques that will allow you to qualify as a hypnotherapist.  Generally speaking, most hypnosis courses that have around 250 hours certification and coursework will enable you to join a reputable Association. Once certified, most hypnotherapists choose to join an Association or Guild. While hypnotherapy is a profession in it’s own right, there are many other professionals such as psychologists, doctors, nurses, dentists,podiatrists, mental health professionals also become certified as a hypnotherapist.

As such, many professions require ongoing Continuing Education (CE) to stay current with their respective Association. With self-regulation in many parts of the world it has become a requirement of Associations and Guilds to require ongoing education to remain certified  For many hypnotherapists, this can be problem that make it difficult to fulfil these annual requirements. And attending monthly meetings, interstate seminars and overseas conferences is not always easy as they can be time consuming and expensive.

Online courses can often be the answer. They can allow you to work from the comfort of your own home or office.  These are highly practical, video-supported training with video of real clients sessions, demonstrations with actors and multiple formats (if you prefer to read than listen/watch for example). Packed with video, audio, discussion forums and course materials, the home study experience enables you to access your training anytime, anywhere and to learn in a way that suits you. These courses listed below all use a colorful, interactive approach to ensure your learning is enjoyable, effective and exciting. Think of it as an online learning partnership – the courses include access to tutors for the duration of your course.



Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Scripts


There are many hypnotherapists that do not see the need for scripts. They just make it up as they go along. Or some will simply write a script from scratch, putting hours and hours into writing and honing a script. Others will spend hours searching the web for free hypnosis scripts.

However, there is another alternative hypnotherapy scripts. Purchasing a script written by a hypnosis professional — just like you. Yes, the script might need to be modified or adjusted to suit your client, but you will save hours by using it as your starting point.

And the best news is the cost of a professionally written hypnotherapy script. You would expect a professionally written script to cost more than $100.  Consider the hourly or sessional rate you charge your client. — many hypnotherapists charge around $100 per hour.

How long does it take you to write a script? Most hypnotherapists would have had an assignment along those lines while they were a student. I think most would say it takes a couple of hours to write one, and it generally takes a lot of work.

But if you could, would you be prepared to write a script and sell it for less than your hourly rate?