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Are you looking for Hypnosis Courses and Training, hypnotherapy scripts or MP3 downloads you will find that and more!

Hypnae has a long tradition of training hypnotherapists and providing advanced courses. Hypnae commenced with face-to-face training courses in 2006. Now the focus is online training courses.

Whether you are a clinical hypnotherapist, a hypnosis student or even an hypnosis enthusiast keen to learn more of the hypnotic arts, Hypnae – Advanced Center of Hypnosis is here for you.

Many professional clinical hypnotherapists who belong to a guild or association will be aware of Continuing or Ongoing Education requirements.

With self-regulation in many parts of the world it has become a requirement of Associations and Guilds to require ongoing education to remain certified — in line with many other professions; such as medical, nursing and legal.

For many hypnotherapists, this is a problem that make it difficult to fulfil these annual requirements. Life can get in the way. And attending monthly meetings, interstate seminars and overseas conferences is not always easy as they can be time consuming and expensive.

If you are a hypnotherapist looking to get their  annual Continuing Education Points requirements in order, please look over the available courses to see just how good they are and as well, to see how many CPE you could receive upon completion.

If you should be part of an Association management, also please look through the courses. We can also show you how you can reduce the costs of the courses by up to a third for your members.

While Hypnae has a focus on the Advanced hypnosis training, Hypnae remembers what it means to be a student.  If you are an hypnosis student looking for additional student materials (or hypnotic enthusiast looking to learn more),  Hypnae has course that will broaden your hypnotic knowledge — without it costing you a cent. How does free sound!?


Hypnae Centre of Advanced Hypnosis is here to help!

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