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Make Money With Hypnosis Online – Association

Make Money With Hypnosis Online - Association 3

Welcome to this page. We’re assuming you are on the committee of an Association, Guild, Society or similar, or a member looking to assist their Association. We’re also assuming that before anything can be done that this proposal will need to be put on the agenda, discussed and eventually voted upon. Things at Committee level take time. Please look over this page and get in contact for an answer to any questions you may have. A written proposal can be supplied to your Association as well.

(Note: There is also a page Make Money With Hypnosis Online – Hypnotist, but where this page differs, we guarantee that this will make money for your association, or save money for your members. Guaranteed.)

It is quite simple. Let’s explain.

IF your association signs up to the affiliate program with the CPE courses offered from this site, AND should your members sign up through the Association’s link, your association WILL receive 33% commission on the cost of the course. 

The Association can either keep the money or save members money.  There are some ideas suggested below and  the Committees may come up with other ideas. Importantly, there is no cost to your association to do this. (your web master may charge a fee to set up your site.)  However, the webmaster can offer assistance in setting up your website so that it works, and also at absolutely no charge to the Association.

However, it is important that it be done correctly or the members and association would both miss out. 

To find out how, get in Contact and we’ll take it from there


By being an online affiliate any commission earned gives the opportunity for the Association to do something along these lines:


Make Money for the Association or Guild:

  • Keep the money — and add profit to the Associations bottom line
  • Keep the money — and lower membership fees across the board
  • Keep the Money — and offer scholarships for research
  • Keep the Money — and offer discounted services, such as cheaper seminars for members.

Keeping all the money would certainly apply if a non member signs up for a course through your website link.


Alternative: Save Members Money

  • Credit the Member — Credit all the commission toward all future membership fees for that member
  • Credit the Member — Return  all of the money to the member as a cash payment at the end of the year
  • Credit the Member — Credit the next year’s membership and return the surplus as a cash payment

Personally, I like the idea of crediting the next years fees and returning any surplus back to the member. It makes it a great incentive to do the courses and the next year’s memberships is taken care of. Less work for both committee and member.


For questions and assistance on implementing this, it is essential to  Contact before implementing your program.


Finally, a thought about Annual Membership Fees…. 

Chasing annual membership fees is one of the tasks that every single treasurer of an Guild loathes. Members are forgetful (or plain lazy) and it’s not till the 3rd letter or email is sent / received stating their “membership is about to be canceled and that they will need to reapply with additional fees”, that the member finally pays. Seriously consider setting up a PayPal account and creating a subscription payment system so that it comes out automatically. It could be annual, or even monthly — to help with everybody’s cash flow.  An Annual Subscription, paid monthly is a great option. When a member cancels the subscription, their membership ends at the end of that month. To rejoin after 30 days after the end of that month, they would require to put in a new application and application fee. Regardless, if it is done automatically your Treasurer will be eternally grateful.