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Bed Wetting

Stopping bed wetting can be a frustratingly difficult goal to achieve.

After all, how can someone exert bladder control when they are asleep? Surely you need to be awake to learn to stop bed wetting?

How you can train the unconscious mind

Importantly, even when asleep, your unconscious mind is still ‘awake’. It monitors the sounds around you and wakes you if it senses danger, it mediates your body temperature and makes you move if uncomfortable.

And because of this, your unconscious mind can learn to stop bed wetting by controlling the muscles that stop urine leaving the bladder.

This is the usual process by which we learn bladder control – after all, it is a tricky skill to learn ‘directly’. Normally it occurs by repetition and slow absorption – which is how the unconscious mind learns most new skills.

Think about how long it took you to learn to drive smoothly!