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Anger Management


Stop the raging bull.

Stop uncontrolled, irrational anger poisoning your relationships and damaging your health.

The feeling of certainty provided by anger is seductive. It can make you feel confident and strong and that you are in some way superior to those around you. But as you probably know, uncontrolled outbursts of irrational anger lead to all sorts of problems in the long run.

Not only is the regular expression of anger damaging to your health, but it makes those around you nervous, causing them to change their behavior towards you. Soon, your mere presence in a room changes the way people feel; increasing anxiety and fear, and reducing their ability to relax and have fun or even just get on with their job.

The problem with being unable to control angry outbursts is that you become unpredictable, and that is unsettling to be around.

The trick is to avoid generating anger in the first place.

Experience the powerful transformation of our anger and negativity into a calm centredness that will give  joy to your lives.