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Snoring tends to be worse when you habitually sleep on your back, and sleeping on your side can help and make you a more tolerable sleep partner.

Sleep position is a very personal thing. Mostly we don’t notice how or why we acquired our personal approach. Some of us always sleep on our back. Some always on our side – or perhaps one particular side only. Some of us change position regularly as we sleep. Some of us can’t get to sleep at all unless we are in our ‘special position’

People who suffer from sleep apnea (a condition that causes you to stop breathing momentarily many times during the night) can also get some relief by sleeping on their side.

And of course many physical problems can make it necessary to change how you sleep, and during pregnancy what little sleep you get is usually best on your side.

How do you train yourself to sleep on your side when you’re used to sleeping on your back?

Retrain your brain to a new sleep position with hypnosis.