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Nail Biting

“Will you stop biting your nails!” 

Every kid has heard that at some time or another.  But it’s just downright annoying when the habit goes on and on, regardless of the number of times you ‘decide’ to stop!

Without even noticing you’re doing it, you absent mindedly chew those nails back into that ugly, painful condition again.

And that’s the whole problem – the nail biting is ‘unconscious’ – you do it without even noticing. So when you make a ‘conscious’ decision to stop nail biting, nothing happens – the cure has to happen in a different way…

The decision to stop nail biting has to take place at an unconscious level !

Hypnosis for nail biting can help you really change your behavior, and make the choice to stop chewing your nails a real one.

We all know the difference between how it feels when we say we’re going to do something and when we know we’re going to do it. When you cure nail biting properly, the urge to bites your nail disappears – there simply is no struggle!

The Stop Nail Biting download will enable you to know you are going to stop biting your nails.