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Hair Pulling

Compulsive hair pulling (disorder / disease) or trichotillomania is more common than you would think.

It also has an impressive history!

Compulsive hair pulling features in the Bible when Ezra says he “rent my garment and mantle, and plucked the hair off my head and beard“, and Indians have an saying which means “I got so frustrated, I pulled the hair out of my head“! In fact, compulsive hair pulling is so common it is now often called a ‘disorder’ or even a disease!

How can hypnosis help stop compulsive hair pulling?

So the question is, what can you do about hair pulling? Trying to stop obviously doesn’t work – you have tried that – but somehow, that hand always seems to make its way back to pulling that hair again.

The problem is very similar to that of nail biting. People know they shouldn’t do it, they try not to do it, they are even threatened by parents about it, but it doesn’t make any difference!