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All diabetics know that they need to stick to their diabetic diet.

They know the horrific health consequences of not doing so, and hear it repeated by their doctor, family and friends on a regular basis.

So why is sticking to the diabetic diet so hard to do?

Imagine that every time you strayed from your diabetic diet, you got a splitting headache 5 minutes later, followed by severe vomiting. Would you have much of a problem sticking to the diet then? No, of course not!

But of course, diabetes doesn’t have those unpleasant side effects. Like smoking, the health impact of straying from your diet is slow and insidious.And when the effects become clear, it is already too late.

Of course, getting fitter, taking appropriate exercise and leading a generally healthier life will all help diabetes – you already know that.

This download is not going to tell you what you should eat or how much exercise to take rather it’s going to use the natural deep relaxation of hypnosis to ‘program’ your mind to be committed to long term health and safety (and survival) over short term gratifications.