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Past Life Regression and Reincarnation – A Myth or Not?

Past Life Regression and Reincarnation – A Myth or Not? 1

Are there really benefits to past life regression?

Non-believers of reincarnation think that past life is simply an imagination and a fraud. Well, you don’t have to believe them instantly not unless you’ve looked into the possible benefits you can get from past life regression.

Even if you already know something about the life prior to your present, it means nothing especially if you don’t do anything or make changes in your present life that is related to the past. Your conscious mind tells you what to do in your everyday life. Was there a point when you felt that something was missing in your life? Are there times when mysterious thoughts pop into your mind? In these instances, your subconscious mind might be telling your something and the problem is – you’re not listening or not giving it some attention.

Most religions all over the world like Catholic and Judaism believe in reincarnation. Because of the limited belief in past life regression, some people think that it’s only a myth. This is also true with hypnosis which happens to be the most common tool used in PLR. According to therapists, there is a connection between the current life and the past life. Famous people may also have been quite famous in their past lives.

Those who don’t believe in past life are asking for substantial evidence as a proof. It’s impossible to research about your past life. Notable exceptions are also known but this happens rarely.

In the case of PLR, a person can recall the details of his past life but once he returns to his conscious mind, he will recall anything. Only through the help of an experienced and reputable PLR therapist can you discover about the past.

Here’s a very good example that can serve as a proof that there really is a past life. A patient consulted a PLR therapist. The patient speaks only the English language and he doesn’t know any other language. During the therapy, he started talking in Spanish. The way he talked showed that he knew so much about the language during a certain era. So you see, when your subconscious is accessed through PLR, a lot of things can be discovered.

Aside from the past life, you can also uncover deeper memories that you can hardly remember, whether from your current life or that of the past. PLR is truly a fascinating thing. It can’t be considered a myth because there are already pieces of evidence that proves its validity. The decision is now only up to the individual whether he or she will believe in PLR or not. It is a matter of personal choice.

Even if others don’t believe in it, you can always try a PLR session. You have nothing to lose just in case you consult a PLR hypnotherapist. It is also up to you whether you will believe in what you’ve discovered or whether you will allow such knowledge to affect your present life.

Past life regression is practiced all over the world. For centuries, a lot of people believed in reincarnation even though others contradict such belief. If you think that there is truth behind the claims of people who tried PLR, you’re free to consult a reputable PLR hypnotherapist.

The experience you can gain is magical and fascinating; so why not try it now?