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Make Money with Hypnosis

Make Money with Hypnosis 3


Make Money with Hypnosis

Make money with hypnosis. Sounds quite straightforward; do your course, pass your tests and graduate, join an association, build a website, do some advertising and wait for the clients to call.

After all, you might have been told by your trainer you can charge $100 / hour for a session. So then you calculate an 8 hour day…… $800 / day; work a 5 day x 40 hour week,  that’s $4000 a week; or $192,000 a year! And that’s with 4 weeks holiday!

The reality is not so simple. I am going to share some uncomfortable secret about hypnosis, that most course trainers won’t share. In short, it is not so easy to make money as a full-time hypnotist. 

Why? There are several reasons: First of all, seeing 8 clients a day is  hard work and emotionally draining. You’ll need a break for lunch, time to write up case histories, return calls and allow that people run late or you go over time. So let’s say you allow 1.5 hours per appointment and book every 90 minutes,  8 clients = a 12 hour day. That is a long day and still no lunch. Start at 8am. Finish at 8pm. OK, so let’s make it 6 clients = a 9 hour day and let’s include 30 minutes for a lunch break. Start seeing clients at 8 and finish around 5:30. Write up the last case history, return a phone call or two and you’re finished at 6pm. That’s doable. But people cancel at the last minute or simply FTA – Fail To Attend. So it might be an 9 hour day and you schedule 6 clients that day, but one person cancels and re-books at the last minute .. (And charging them for a missed consultation is pretty risky business if you want to see them again.) Assuming you now see 5 people every day, that’s a little more than half of what was originally calculated. But it’s still optimistic! Unfortunately when you start off, you won’t see 6 clients a day. Building a practice takes time.

But, If you already have a profession with an income stream and you are utilizing hypnosis within the professional setting, then you can simply add the session in with clients in addition to existing treatments or sometimes, as a part of the consultation procedure. Many health professions, such as psychology, dentistry, podiatry are already covered by private health insurance for their given professions, and the client can often claim some sort of reimbursement, even if hypnosis is not specifically covered.

For example, consider this real life example of a podiatrist who performs ingrowing toe nail procedures. This procedure is a minor surgical procedure that is done in the treatment chair and takes about 30 minutes. In this procedure, the patient receives a local anesthetic injection to the toe (not a general anesthetic), so is fully awake. The procedure commences immediately after the patient’s toe is numb. Unfortunately, even though many clients are in a deal of discomfort, when they are told they will receive an injection to the toe, they forego the procedure as they refuse to have the injection from past experiences – usually with MDs who do a different procedure. That podiatrist did hypnosis training specifically to allow the clients to relax so that they can receive the injection. It took 10 to 15 minutes and when the podiatrist woke them up they were amazed that not only had they received an injection that they didn’t feel, the procedure had been done, the toe bandaged and the were ready to leave.

However, many private insurance companies don’t cover hypnosis.  As the entire procedure is closer to 45 minutes, instead of charging the regular surgical consultation fee for 30 minutes, the podiatrist is justified in charging extra (with the patients blessing) for the longer extended consultation, and the insurance company will simply pay for the longer consultation. As a bonus, the podiatrist has increased the number of patients seen as a direct result of the hypnotic relaxation and word of mouth referrals. 

For a full-time hypnotist it is more difficult when their procedure is not covered by health insurance. So let’s head in another direction… Starting a Specialist Hypnotherapy Practice.


How To Make Money with Hypnosis Online

There are ways to make money with hypnosis online. To find out more, simply click the relevant link below:



Disclaimer: None of this is advice. Consider it ‘food for thought.’ Before commencing any venture you should consult with the relevant professionals.